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Due to the fact that Hitop is no longer under active development, and my own limited time to spend on this site, Planet Hitop is no longer actively updated.

Planet Hitop will remain online in its current state for the foreseable future. It is has also been released under a Creative Commons license meaning you can copy and display this website, and make changes to it, as long as it is not for commercial use. For more information, view the license.

Welcome to PlanetHitop, a site full of tutorials and tips for people using the HTML pre-proccessor, Hitop and Hitoplive.

This site is relatively small at the moment but will hopefully grow over time to include even more.

Indepth guides for learning Hitop - from the basics to more advanced topics.
Tips and Tricks
Small examples of Hitop in action.
Other Hitop related sites, and links to sites using Hitop.

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