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About Planet Hitop.

Planet Hitop was launched on 6 October 2002. It was based on a basic Hitop tutorial I started writing back in 2000 (I think), which formed part of one of my other sites, Planet Bods. The tutorial slowly grew and was improved and enhanced, until I decided to split it off and put it into a home of its own.

I started writing the tutorial after struggling with Hitop myself. The documentation for Hitop has always been rather sparse, and not always particularly user friendly. Yet the programme itself is incredibly powerful and it's saved me a lot of time over the years.

After using it for so long (I used it for the first time in 1998) I wanted to put something back into Hitop. I'm no programme and the source code for Hitop is all gibberish to me. What I can do is write documentation and build web pages. So I decided to share my knowledge and write a tutorial.

As part of creating this site, I decided to put together some documentation on various plugins, as well as making a start on building a tips and tricks library - simple snippets of code that can be very useful.

And lo, Planet Hitop (original name) was launched. I hope it's of some use to somebody!

Andrew Bowden


Planet Hitop was written and compiled by Andrew Bowden, with contributions by Jon Anderson.

Design and HTML was by Andrew Bowden. The site is built using Hitop and is hosted by


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