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Planet Hitop Colour Scheme Switcher.

The colour scheme switcher is similar to style switchers on other sites. Most use JavaScript, but this one uses Hitoplive. It enables you to choose a colour scheme to view the site in.

When you choose your colour scheme, it saves your choice in a cookie on your computer. No other information is saved in the cookie, and no information is sent back to Planet Hitop. The cookie is set to last around 4 months.

The switcher requires a modern, CSS compatable browser like Internet Explorer 5 and above, Mozilla/Netscape 6 and above and Opera 5 and above, as well as many others. If you can see the normal site design, the style switcher should work. If you can't, it won't.

It's currently experimental whilst I check for bugs.

Once the switcher has been tested more, it will be documented on this site.


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