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The latest changes to Planet Hitop.

18 July 2004

  • Information on the Notify Plugin now contains details of how to add line breaks.

13 February 2004

19 April 2003

  • New tutorial for the date plugins (english, francais, deutsch and italiano).
  • The standard date tip has been revised and improved. The code features less variables, and there are versions with and without the date plugin.
  • New colour scheme changer added to the site - this uses an experimental Hitoplive style switcher which will be documented here shortly.

8 April 2003

  • More links added.
  • Quick update to mention a bug on the rounding numbers tip.

3 April 2003

  • A look at debugging in Tips and Tricks.

23 March 2003

  • A small guide to Redirects added to Tips and Tricks.

23 February 2003

  • Minor changes to the templates to improve accessibility.

12 February 2003

  • New basic introduction to Plugins in the tutorials section.

5 December 2002

  • New links added.

23 November 2002

  • New in Tips and Tricks - date manipulation.

6 October 2002

  • Site launched with Parts 12,13 of the Basic Tutorial added, and new rounding numbers tip.

12 September 2002

  • Site pre-launch


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