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Tips and Tricks.

The following are a couple of different tips and tricks I've come up with over the years of using Hitop and Hitoplive.

It may be that these are not the best ways to do things, but they work. If you know or come up with a better way of doing something, I'm always willing to explore better suggestions!

Standard Dates and Date Manipulation.
A simple method of converting a date of the format 2002-11-02 to something more readable. Now updated to use the date plugins.
Pulldown Menus.
Doing pulldown menus without JavaScript or CGI, but using Hitoplive instead.
Browser Detection.
Using Hitoplive to do some simple browser detection.
Finding the problems in your code.
Moving from URI to another - dead easy.
Rounding Numbers.
Rounding numbers with decimal points, to whole numbers.


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