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Redirects can usually be done with a .htaccess file - part of the standard Apache configuration. However it is sometimes useful to do redirects within Hitoplive (the following code is meaningless in Hitop).

A redirect in Hitoplive is extremely simple. For a permanent redirect, which will change the URL in the browser address window, you will require this code:

<@rawheader name="Status" value="301 Moved">
<@rawheader name="Location" value="path/to/file">

where path/to/file is the location of the page you're redirecting to.

A 'temporary' redirect, which will retain the URL originally called, and won't change the URL in the browser address bar, is done by this:

<@rawheader name="Status" value="302 Moved">
<@rawheader name="Location" value="path/to/file">

In each case, Hitop calls outputs the relevant code to tell the Apache webserver, to tell the browser to call a different page.


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