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Basics Hitop


I've been using Hitop to help m../build websites for a few years, and have found it to be a very powerful programme. However the lack of documentation though, can hold you back. Hence I decided to write a tutorial, to help people learn this powerful website creation tool.

Hitop (and its sister programme Hitoplive) have helped m../build and maintain my original website, Planet Bods. As a site with over 250 pages, it's made my life much easier. I've also used Hitoplive t../build smaller sites, and no matter how big your site is, it will benefit in some way from being built in Hitop.

This tutorial is aimed at giving the beginner an understanding of Hitop, enabling them to start using the program i../building websites. The tutorial will look at many of the features which a user of Hitop will want to know, including th../building of the all important navigation bar, which Hitop makes so easy to do.

This tutorial is very much under development. I post regular additions as I write them, and I would welcome any comments, criticisms and suggestions you may have. You can email me at to let me know what you think.


  1. Installing Hitop
    How do I install it?
  2. Basic Templating
    Our very first template.
  3. Putting A Page Together
    Compiling our first pages.
  4. Automation
    Little things Hitop does to make life easier.
  5. Navigation, Navigation, Navigation
    The first steps to making a navigation bar.
  6. More Basic @NAV
    More about navigation and external nav files.
  7. Directories and Site Structure
    Using sub-directories and keeping a sensible structure to your site
  8. Basic Nav Customisation
    Making your navigation look pretty.
  9. More Basic Nav Customisation
    Make it even more pretty!
  10. More Fun With @NAV
    Further @NAV customisation
  11. Useful Things With Procedures
    How to make procedures work for you
  12. Checking Variables Exist
    A useful thing to be able to do.
  13. Passing Variables to Procedures
    Make procedures even more useful.

Coming Soon...

More on procedures, more string manipulation, image based navigation systems.


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