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An Introduction to Plugins.

What are plugins?

Hitop offers a wide range of features which can be used in a wide variety of sites in a variety of different uses.

It also offers a number of more specalist functions, whose use is often more limited.

Rather than including these in the main programme, these functions are available as extensions to Hitop, or plugins. This on-demand capability allows Hitop to work more efficently.

A variety of plugins are available when you first install Hitop. These include extensions for:

  • database support for mySQL and PostgreSQL
  • ecommerce
  • sending emails
  • colour manipulation

And many more.

Plugins tend to be most useful with Hitoplive, especially when working with databases. The Notify plugin which allows the sending of email is also pretty useless if just using Hitop. However many plugins can be useful if you're just using Hitop. This will be explored in individual tutorials for the plugins.

Using a Plugins.

When using a plugin on a page, there are two things you need to know:

  1. where your plugins directory is
  2. the name of the plugin you want to use

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